Great news!!

Blucomms have just become Energy Accredited and can now help you find the best possible deal for your Business Electricity and Gas.

Over 40% of businesses haven’t changed their Energy supplier, EVER! Similar to the telecoms market if you haven’t reviewed your energy accounts you could be paying over the odds with ‘high out contract / standard rates’

The Energy market is hard work and confusing for most, which is where Blucomms can help. We can search multiple suppliers, tariffs and remove all of the jargon associated with the market to find you the best deal. Some of the points below are how we can help;

Lowest Price – We compare a large number of the major suppliers. Pricing vary as much as 28%, so just checking one or maybe two suppliers doesn’t give you a great chance of the best deal.

Price Capping – Regardless of Brexit, rising oil prices or market fluctuations the software we use constantly scan the market allowing us to buy energy at the lowest rate and fixing your costs.

Smart Meters – Smart metering can help cut energy bills and give more accurate bills and usage.

Bill Validation – Are you sure your bills are correct, we can check for you

Forward Purchasing – Now this is a big one! Even if you are in contract, we can secure you savings on your next contract. So, even if you are in contract now for whatever period of time, we can lock in today’s pricing and the new tariff will start automatically on your current end date.

What to do next…

All we need are copies of your latest Energy Bills (Gas and Electric on one, or separately), plus a signed letter of authority on letter headed paper. Don’t worry the letter of authority doesn’t mean you are signing a new deal or anything, this just allows us to review your current tariffs.

Then what….

 After we receive the information above, within 5-7 working days we will send you a comparison of the best deals we have found, it is as easy as that!

If this is something you would be interested in, please feel free to contact us at @hello.